Healthshare is FREEDOM from Health Insurance

And It Is Changing The Way Americans Pay For Healthcare Costs

Do You Want To…


Keep your own doctor and hospital?

Afford your monthly costs? …Our best family option is only
$449 per month

Be able to afford to go to the doctor?… Pays 100% of after initial $500*

Have choices for individuals and small businesses?

Obamacare and the individual ACA mandates?

Travel with you in all 50 states?

*  Initial unshared amount $500 single, $1000 couple, $1500 family per enrollment year.  Pays 100%
of eligible medical expenses.  See guidelines for details

Finally! Healthcare BY Americans…FOR Americans

Open Enrollment is Closed…now what?Calendar circled

What is Open Enrollment?

The ACA exchanges are closed down throughout the year, and this period November 15 – February 15 is when they “allow” you to buy health insurance.  If you miss the open enrollment, and don’t have a “qualifying event”, you will have to wait another year, and pay a penalty.

Does Healthshare have open enrollment periods?

NO! You can join healthshare any time throughout the year.

What Happens If I Don’t buy a Plan?

You can enroll in Healthshare at ANY time throughout the year!  We can take enrollments even went it is not open enrollment.  Penalties are pro-rated monthly, so enrolling NOW can help you pay LESS.

Are Healthshare Members Penalized if they buy this instead of an ACA plan?

NO!  That is what is so awesome…better pricing, better control over your healthcare, and NO involvement from the government.

What is the REAL Impact of Obamacare on Your Family?

  • Is the Affordable Care Act REALLY Affordable?Healthcare premiums are going up everywhere! Most Americans who haven’t priced out the new Obamacare premiums are in for a real surprise. A typical family of four can expect to pay over $1,000 per month* for a Silver PPO plan.
  • But it Gets MUCH Worse. Using the Plan is Not Affordable Either!You are still have high deductibles.  After paying a $5,000 deductible, a typical “Silver” plan expects you to pay 30% of additional bills!  That could total another $12,000!
  • Can Your Family Afford to Pay $24,000 per Year for Healthcare? If you pay $12,000 in premiums and an additional $12,000 to use the plan, that’s what you can expect to pay.  Most Americans can’t. Can you?
  • Even if You Could Afford Higher Premiums, Could You Think of Better Ways to Spend Your Money?bigstock-family-of-four-on-grass-with-h-12985583You could think of a lot of things to do with $24,000 per year. I’ll bet you can too. Travel. Fix up the house. Buy a new car. Hire a maid. College education for your kids. Save for retirement.
  • Would you like to keep your doctor?Many Americans will be forced to choose a new doctor. You don’t have to be one of them. Higher premiums will force families to buy HMOs just to save money. Along with HMOs come gatekeepers, lists of approved doctors, long waits to get appointments. You may not even have healthcare coverage outside of your hometown.Don’t make the choice. Keep your doctor. Choose your hospital. Keep control of your healthcare.
  • Do You Really Want the Government Dictating Your Healthcare? I know I sure don’t. The government may do an okay job of building roads and protecting us. But other than that, I find most of us don’t want them in our business. They aren’t wise stewards of our money. Don’t you agree?
  • What If You Could Purchase Healthcare That Was Exempt From Obamacare Mandates, Save You Money and Let You and Your Doctor Be In Charge Of Your Healthcare Decisions?Then Click Below to Get More Information and Get Started Today!

Here is What Others Have to Say…

Even though we were within the first 60 days of our
membership, and therefore unable to have our healthcare costs shared,
our son's vaccination costs were reduced from $1,595 to $268.25 due to the
power of the negotiated discounts.  When I saw the final bill and what we paid,
not only was I relieved, but I knew we made the right decision to join Liberty Healthshare
M. Bellis, Lancaster
It was so easy, and the perfect experience. I couldn’t have asked for things to
have gone smoother! My bills have been shared by the members and the doctors
are paid. Thank you Liberty HealthShare!
Peggy S.
It was a no brainer, there are no fines involved and it isn’t insurance. It’s much
cheaper as well. The bigger we get
and ground swell into a national movement,
the more likely it will be that physicians will not have to take insurance. We have
a huge selling point. We are not only affordable, but you can see any doctor, or go
to any hospital you want. That is true healthcare freedom! Furthermore, with the
sharing power of the group, you never have to worry about your bills getting paid.
Dr. Elaina George
What a great alternative to insurance. HealthShare came through for me! I’ll never
use health insurance again!
Jeanette A. OH
We got our taxes done today. This is the first year of our full retirement (2014),
so we weren't quite sure if we would have to pay or not. We're getting a refund!
Our agent asked if we were both continually covered by a healthcare program,
which we are. I told him about my share in Liberty HealthShare and he filled out
form 8965 for us. It was that simple! It's true that you can't out give or outbless God!
Joanne Mayo
Kathleen had to convince Greg to become a Liberty HealthShare member.
Greg soon discovered he was glad that he was a member after a life altering event.
More than just the money that they saved, they both realized that the community of
members can be very encouraging."
Kathleen and Greg, Orlando FL
I used my membership card for the first time today, first at my new primary,
and later at a specialist he referred me to. Neither office was familiar with the
concept, but both were intrigued. I brought copies of pgs 147-148 of the PPACA
to show where healthcare sharing ministries were specifically exempt from
Obamacare. I also brought some pages I printed off the website explaining how
it works, and that great interview with Dr. Elaina George from the May newsletter.
At both offices, the staff and doctors were very interested in learning more, and
both accepted my card with no problem. The lady from billing at the specialist's office
asked a few questions and said, "I like this idea. I'm willing to give it a shot! My new
primary, who was never available to me on previous insurance networks, is contemplating
signing up his family. With four children, he and his wife are not happy with their current
options. Like me, all they ever wanted was a catastrophic plan, in order to keep costs
down. So my biggest fear, that no one would want to accept my card, was completely
unfounded, and I may have gotten us a few new members as well.
Maryann Fitzpatrick

And In the News…

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Delaware Online:  Ministries allow some to put their faith in health care-sharing

Media catching on to growth and popularity of sharing ministries

Our Healthcare System Is BROKEN!bandaged broken bank

  • Over spending. Waste. Bloated bureaucracy. Stifling regulations. Our healthcare system overflows with it. There is a crisis in our nation’s healthcare system and we need a solution.
  • Do we depend on government for solutions? Are more consultants the answer? Is technology the way forward? No doubt, we need creative answers.
  • More and more government regulation threatens to crush personal choice in healthcare.


10 Facts About Healthshare

  • 1.  HealthShare Attracts Health Conscious Americans.  We emphasize spiritual principles of health and wellness.  Our bodies are temples!  Health conscious people have fewer bills, lower costs and much more rapid recoveries.
  • 2.  HealthShare has an “Open” Network.  We do not tell you which healthcare provider you can use.  You KEEP your doctor, and CHOOSE any hospital!  It puts you in control of your healthcare.  If your doctor does not accept the card as payment, you may submit your bills and be reimbursed.
  • 3.  HealthShare is NOT Driven by Profit.We are a non-profit organization.  We operate on a flat $24 monthly administrative fee received for each enrollment whether single, couple or family.
  • 4.  HealthShare is Affordable.  HealthShare does not have the corporate red tape or bureaucracy associated with large insurance companies.  We pass those savings on to YOU!
  • 5.  HealthShare is Accountable and Transparent.  HealthShare practices person-to-person sharing of medical costs.  You always know what amount you contribute, where your money goes, what your medical bills cost, what bill have been shared and when your bills have been paid.
  • 6.  Healthshare is an Open Community.Liberty HealthShare is open to all Americans who subscribe to our shared beliefs.  We exist specifically for small business owners self-employed individuals or anyone who wants to take direct control of their healthcare.
  • 7.  HealthShare is about choices.We offer three levels of healthsharing.  Our most expensive family plan is only $449 per month.
  • 8.  HealthShare members share in “Actual Costs” – not projections.   HealthShare members share in “Actual Costs”, allowing you to enjoy lower monthly share amounts.
  • 9.  HealthShare has a 60 day refund policy.  If for any reason you want to discontinue within the first 60 days, and you’ve not submitted any bills, we’ll refund your monthly share completely…no questions asked!
  • 10.  HealthShare offers End of Life Assistance.  HealthShare offers End of Life Assistance to help ease the costs its members face during the loss of a family member.

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Freedom Is The Answer!

Americans in front of Flag croppedHealthShare is composed of free men and women making free healthcare choices. Free from government interference and suffocating regulations. Free to make individual choices about personal healthcare treatment and costs. Free from insurance bureaucrats making decisions in the company’s best interest and leaving you out of the equation. Free from a system that doesn’t work! Freedom is what makes the difference!


Self-Pay is the Best Way!


As a self pay patient, you are responsible for your medical costs and the treatment you receive. But, we don’t leave you by yourself. Other self reliant, patriotic Americans rise up and come to your aid.

We share your costs among many other fellow members. Each member contributes an assigned amount each month and those gifts are passed on to you to meet your expenses in full!

Recent reports show that the healthcare industry squanders billions of dollars each year!  Likewise, insurance companies spend billions of dollars on high rise buildings, inflated salaries, over the top commissions, and inflated fees.  Insurance is bureaucratic, unwieldy, rife with government regulation, and costly.

We believe there is a better way. When you – the direct healthcare consumer – are in the driver’s seat, costs get scrutinized.

If the healthcare dollars you’re spending comes directly out of your pocket, you tend to ask more questions, shop for the best rate, and eliminate unnecessary and expensive procedures. All in all, you are the best one positioned to decide what expenses to incur for your own healthcare.

When a faceless bureaucrat is in charge, or when government…or an employer…or an insurance company…or any other third party is footing the bill, charges tend to rack up. Treatment is employed that you may not want or need. Typically, in America today, the one receiving treatment is not paying directly for the services rendered. When that happens, there is little restraint on costs.

Everyone else is in charge of your healthcare…except you…the one who matters most!

That all changes with Liberty HealthShare. Here, we want YOU to take responsibility for the care YOU receive and the costs you incur. That’s why we call our participants “Sharing Members”. “Sharing Member” means you are part of a group of people who are involved and active about their healthcare.

You can no longer be passive about your healthcare and its costs, relying on “professionals” for decisions. From now on, it’s “hands-on”!

Small Business Owners…There is a Solution To the Obamacare Mess!


  • Would you believe that many small group plans actually cost MORE than individual coverage these days?
  • And…if you have a plan, your employees are ineligible for subsidies?
  • What does this mean to you and your employees?


  • Eliminate the time and frustration of yearly shopping for healthcare
  • Eliminate the double digit increases most employers have experienced for yearsbigstock-family-of-four-on-grass-with-h-12985583
  • Get all those hours of unproductive time back and increase your profitability!
  • Your lower paid employees will now be eligible for any subsidies available (if you continue to offer your plan, they are ineligible)


  • New Obamacare plans include fees that further increase your premiums
  • Once enrolled, you are required to keep the plan for 1 full year
  • Obamacare keeps changing the rules…and you will have to abide by them, if you decide to play their game


  • Get rid of overpriced tradition insurance plans
  • Bonus employees the amount you spent on insurance premiums
  • Set up a payroll deduction for healthsharing costs
  • Set up direct bill so your employees have the convenience of having you forward the monthly share amount
  • We can direct those employees who need to utilize the Affordable Care Act exchange through the process…they won’t be navigating alone!

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How It All Started


Our HealthShare originated from a grassroots movement that began in 1982, when an Ohio minister had a tragic auto accident. His wife and youngest child were killed. The rest of his family was hospitalized with massive expenses.

He had no insurance.

Individuals across the country who knew of his crisis rallied to his need and within 45 days his entire hospital bill was paid in full.

He concluded, “That’s the way it should work!” He then went on to found a faith-based organization where people could share medical bills among themselves. That organization flourished, and several more like it serve a portion of the populace today, and have been operating successfully for decades.

Over the last twenty (20) years alone over $1 Billion has been shared by thousands of families nationwide, meeting their healthcare costs at over $4 Million each month. Now, through Liberty HealthShare, the opportunity to share medical expenses has been expanded to all Americans regardless of race, religion or creed.

HealthShare is not a trial program. It’s not a test. The proven low cost system that has been enjoyed by thousands of families has now been made available to you on a grand scale.

You can take advantage of this proven cost-sharing model by joining HealthShare today! In addition, the leadership team of HealthShare has over twenty years of experience in medical cost sharing and healthcare management. They were there in the infancy of the movement, and now lend their expertise to bring the same tried and true methods that have worked for thousands of families already.

We DO ask you to do something that in the mind of some is idealistic:  depend on the generosity of people just like you who are committed to the same ideals and lifestyle to meet your healthcare expenses.

People helping people… charting an alternative healthcare path… promoting self-determination… These are the ingredients that define our difference, drive our success and foster our growth.

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